Benefits Of Indoor Plants in Healthcare Facilities


 By Sidney Gardiner

For centuries humans have harnessed the power of plants with healing qualities. Whether medicinal or dietary they have produced powerful cures for a host of ailments.

Let’s say you are sick and in the hospital and you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. How wonderful and they certainly do cheer you up. But after a few days, they wither and die, and you are left with an empty vase.  Now let’s replace that bouquet with a live plant. Clinical studies have shown that individuals who end up in sterile, impersonal confines may benefit greatly from live plants with healing energy. Not only do plants increase the oxygen levels but some studies say a plant nearby can lower blood pressure, reduce the need for pain killers, and enhance the overall mood of a patient. The use of plants showed that patients had a significantly increased psychological response to the promise of regained health and a renewal of hope.

The reasons are not clear, but scientists think plants elevate mood and health because we recognize how essential plants are to survival.

*Accelerates Healing Process

The presence of plants in health care settings, or views of aesthetically pleasing gardens help patients heal faster due to the soothing effects of their surroundings. As a result of the positive energy, they derive from the environment studies say the chances of suffering from stress-related depression are decreased.  The addition of a healing garden, living wall or potted plants will create a place of peace and calm that will provide a refuge for both patients and families.

*Plants Improve Work Performance

Being around live plants helps people concentrate better in the workplace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy yielding a higher quality result. Studies also tell us that being exposed to plants can improve memory, concentration and increase cognition and performance.

*Improved Sensory Experience

By adding a water feature the tranquility of water combined with the lush greenery can provide comfort and peace

*Designed For Any Space

Therapeutic and healing gardens can be designed to fit any space.

From a small corner, a living wall or atrium you can design your space to fit all your needs and wants. Plans can be designed to suit any budget without excessive cost.

*Allergy Free Plants

Look for companies that provide Allergy-Free plants that do not release air-born pollen. Also, use plants that are grown without pesticides, hormones, or herbicides. Exposure to chemical run-off gases from the plant could potentially harm a sick patient. Always try to source an organic grower.

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