Investment Builder Programs

Atlantic Home has a limited number of turnkey business membership programs available to investment builders to develop real estate and to buy/renovate/sell houses with our processing centers discounted services for: realty, architecture, engineering, permitting, general contracting, interior design and accounting. This one-of-a-kind opportunity makes real estate development possible for the entrepreneur who would normally be discouraged by high architectural, builder and realty fees.

Atlantic Home has four types of investment builder memberships available to qualified individuals: 

1. Atlantic Home’s Real Estate Development: This membership gives Members the ability to buy/renovate/sell existing homes and build new homes to sell throughout Florida using our processing centers discounted services.

2. Atlantic Home’s General Contracting and Realty: Start your own business with our unique format of combining a general contracting (GC) business model with our new age realty model of “property concierge agents” to generate sales for each other. The interior designer manages all GC sales, design, construction and client relationship from start to finish with our property concierge agents trained in realty, sales, design, construction pricing, permitting process and property maintenance. We have 10 available territories listed below throughout Florida for this membership.

3. Atlantic Home’s Real Estate Investment Club: This membership gives the Member the ability to start their own real estate investment club to buy/renovate/rent/sell properties with their own project manager throughout Florida.

4. Atlantic Home’s Medical Concierge/ Similar to the GC and realty business, members can start a concierge company for the healthcare industry providing our processing centers discounted services including a property search feature for medical properties. Visit for more information on how you can own a membership in any one of our 10 available territories . Visit for more information.


  1. Start your own business to buy/renovate/build/sell Florida properties with our discounted processing center services. (pricing below based on a 5,000 sq ft new home or a 5,000 sq ft home major renovation)
  2. New home architecture, engineering, mechanicals and structural plans – $12 sq ft
  3. New home/major renovation construction oversight – $0 (member to provide project manager)
  4. New home/major renovation permitting service – $3,500
  5. Interior Design service for new home/major renovation – $6,500
  6. Realty services – $0
  7. Bookkeeping/accounting services – TBD


  1. Minimum 700 credit score, background and credit check.
  2. Need to have building/developing experience.
  3. Provide a $100k letter of credit per $1m of construction cost for “performance insurance”.
  4. $100,000 initial membership fee with no royalty fees for the first year. After year one — a 5% royalty fee on all construction costs and 1% of all realtor sales/listings or $5k per month.  — whichever is greater.
  5. Create new LLC e.g.,  “Atlantic Team/Jones, LLC” and “Atlantic Team/Jones, LLC” banking account for new development business.
  6. Designates an onsite project manager to partner with Atlantic’s management team for the construction and finances for all Member’s construction projects.
  7. Provide a $75,000 homeowner warranty policy at completion of each project.
  8. Storefront and broker associate required if Member starts a realty business.
  9. Real estate development members to provide capital and financing for all Member’s property purchases and construction.
  10. GC and realty members provide all start up and marketing costs.
  11. Members retain all profits after membership and processing center fees for Member’s projects are paid.
  12. Sign a formal membership agreement.

Comparative costs for a 5,000′ two- story home using traditional GC, Architect and Realtor versus using Atlantic Home’s concierge service:

  Traditional Atlantic
Property $1M $1M
Construction $1M $1M
Arch/Mep/Structural $55K $37K
GC $350K  
Project MGR   $80K
Realty Fee
(Atlantic refunds buyer 3% fee at closing)
$150K $120K
Financing Fees $83K $68K
Total Cost $2,638K $2,305K
Sales Price $3.0M $3.0M
Profit $362K $695K

Member to receive 3% realtor fee refund ($30k) upon closing on $1m property. investment biolder 


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