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In addition to traditional  realty services for buyers and sellers, we offer :

1 .  Our new home redevelopment program allows  the seller to market their property as vacant land  as well as  one of our new home  designs simultaneously

2 . Our seller partner program, where we provide funding for pre-sale improvements with our in-house tradesmen ro maximize  the highest selling price


Our new home redevelopment program allows a seller to market their existing property as vacant land with an additional listing for a proposed new home at the same time.  If Florida Home  can pre-sell a new home on your property, we will pay all realtor commissions  on both the property and new home.The  property can be sold “as is” at any time with traditional commissions paid by the seller.To learn more click here

Florida Home provides funding up to $100,000 for pre-sale improvements by our in-house tradesmen to maximize  the value of your home.  We charge a 4% realty listing fee for a 12-month agreement. To learn more click here

Due to the current shortage of luxury homes in South Florida, many buyers are  looking for teardown properties for new construction, as well as full-scale renovation projects. 

Our goal is to provide a seamless service  for architecture, custom home construction, interior design and realty. What makes  Florida Home different?

1. We are a full-service design/ build company in addition to being a licensed broke

2.  Our interior designers serve as your project manager for sales,design, and the construction phase



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